Arunbhai Parshottambhai Akbari

Students 300+ Staff 36

Founder's Message

Education at HKIS

The Single most important thing we can bestow upon youth is “EDUCATION” and thus giving a strong foundation for challenging journey called life and we bring in a value orientation for life and we bring in a value orientation for the changing requirements of industry and market. With a progressive vision, Harekrushna VIdhyalay initiatives of HAREKRUSHN GROUP OF SCHOOLS we are committed to meet our social responsibilities while setting high standards for all our Parents, Students and Teachers; so as to create a community which is vibrant and provides lifelong learning experience and professional development.

An educated mind is an ignited mind. It shines out for miles and brightens each day, for self, family and the nation. Education creates a flow of energy, a stream of creative, productive energy from the sender to the receiver. A person who is educated in turn transmits his learning and experience till his entire society is educated, as a result of which the entire humanity is illumined. The light of knowledge and education becomes a guiding force for social change. This promises a better human existence.